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Our courteous, highly skilled, and professional team is passionate about treating each patient with compassion and providing quality home care. Vital Home & Healthcare is a skilled home health agency certified by Medicare. We send nurses, therapists, and aides to care for you in the comfortable environment of your own home. We were founded in 1993, and we see hundreds of patients each year.

Our patients come to us by referral from Physicians, hospital case managers, rehabilitation facilities, skilled nursing facilities, assisted living facilities, and other medical professionals who have come to trust Vital Home & Healthcare with the care of their patients. While we are in your home, we work under orders from your Physician. There we rehabilitate patients to restore maximum function, assess patients over a period of time to ensure safety, ensure wounds heal well, and provide needed support with activities of daily living. As an ally to hospitals and rehabilitation facilities, Vital Home & Healthcare provides home health services that prevent unnecessary hospitalizations or that shorten inpatient stays when you need to go home.

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Home Helath Care in Tinley Park, IL

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