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Home Health Care Services

When you are recuperating from illness or injury . . .
When you have a healing wound . . . .
When you need medical observation at home . . .

We send nurses, therapists, and aides to your home to ensure the best health care outcomes possible.

The professionals Vital Home & Healthcare sends to your home include:
Home Nursing Services Skilled Nurses Home Therapy Services Physical Therapists
Home Therapy Services Occupational Therapists Home Therapy Services Speech Therapists
Home Care Services Home Health Aides Home Care Services Medical Social Workers

Situations in which home health care may be appropriate include:
Home Care You have been sent home with a surgical wound or injury that is not fully healed.
Home Infusion You are receiving home infusion, and more nursing services would be beneficial.
Home Health teaching You have received a new diagnosis or therapeutic diet, and would benefit from one-on-one teaching from a nurse.
Home Health Nursing You are taking care of a loved-one at home and would like additional training or skilled support. This can include how to take care of a bed-bound person, nutritional training, aspects of various diseases, and more.
Fall Injury Prevention You have experienced a recent accidental fall, and a fall injury prevention program may be indicated.
Home Care You are in a hospital, nursing home, or rehab facility and desire an earlier return to home.
In-Home Rehabilitation Injury, illness, or other medical condition has put limitations on your ability and independence at home, and you would benefit from in-home rehabilitation.
Medical Observation and Nurse on Call You have a condition with the potential for flare-ups and would benefit from the safety and peace of mind that comes from nurse check-ins.

Could nursing or therapy at home help you or someone you know?
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For your safety and peace-of-mind, our nurses are on-call 24/7.

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