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Why Refer to Vital?

Vital Home & Healthcare has been serving our communities since 1993. By earning the trust of medical professionals in our community, we now see several hundred patients each year. In addition to being professional, efficient, and thorough in all our communications, we offer these advantages.

Home Health teaching
Our clinicians contact patients the day before each home visit to ensure reliability and good communication of schedule.
Home Health Nursing
We provide all the assistance needed and within legal limits to ensure Physicians can bill for certifications and care-plan-oversight.
Fall Injury Prevention
We honor the Physician-patient relationship. We never do anything to interfere with your relationship with your patient. In fact, Vital Home & Healthcare's in-home services function as an extension of your conscientious care and improve your patient's satisfaction with your services.

Please offer Vital Home & Healthcare to your patients.
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Some Indications for a Home Health Referral

  • Patient or family performing wound care at home
  • Likelihood of exacerbation of a current condition where skilled observation could improve patient safety
  • Patient or family managing home infusion
  • Need for more instruction on new medication(s) or therapeutic diet
  • Need for home rehabilitation to maximize recovery from a recent illness or injury

Home Helath Care in Tinley Park, IL

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